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Attractions in Sacramento

The city of Sacramento, California is not so much ancient city, it was discovered in 1850 and today it has become one of the modern cities in California in which there are present many nightclubs, trendy houses and many shopping malls. Following are some attractions which are worth watching in Sacramento:

California State Capitol:

1896 was the year in which the California State Capitol was constructed. Not only his outer look but the inner look is also very impressive. The inside of this place is covered with floor of mosaic, the windows made of glass are stained with great designs and the walls are also covered with beautiful paintings. The ceiling of the place is double domed.

California State Railroad Museum:

This museum is situated in the region of old town of Sacramento’s which is also called as Museum on the Rail road of California. This museum has a vast area. Many antique things have been placed there, which are worth watching. Especially the old and restored cars of old times are of prime importance. Special types of cars include sleeping car and dining car.

Crocker Art Museum:

This museum was inaugurated in 1885. This is considered as the first museum of the city which is having the public art. It is located to the south side of the very well known Tower Bridge and the Sacramento River also flows nearby.

Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park:

This governor mansion has 30 rooms in it which are of Victorian type. Many famous local people use this place for their residence. But later on, this place was being purchased by the government of California to make this place the residence of Governor of the state.

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